Glimpses of Buffet
Menus & Live Stations

Turning an occasion into a zenith of impeccable taste and presentation is an art . It demands a holistic assessment of our sumptuous food menus, complimented by our comely presentation style, & a zeal to make every visitor adulate our commitment towards the service.

Regional Cuisine

India, along with its sublime locales, is also known for the clump of exotic taste and regional flavors. Revel in the colorful flavors of Indian delicacies with our sumptuous regional menus, dedicatedly improvised and served in an impeccable modern style.

International Gourmet

Search of elegance and ecstasy of taste makes people visit to places, towns and countries. Our sapid selection of exotic world cuisine summarizes the same authentic taste and flavor, gleaned from different parts of the world. Every preparation carved in a new world style of presentation, that ensures a gratification of savory delights for your guests.